How Seakr Carers Continue to Work During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has affected us all and in so many different ways. Vulnerable care seekers have worried about carers from agencies continuing to visit them in their own homes, especially if they are visiting other clients. There is a risk of cross-contamination, particularly when PPE has been scarce. Agency carers have also been concerned with catching Coronavirus from one or more of the many clients they must visit each day.

As with many other businesses, the care sector has had to adapt. The safety of carers and clients has to remain the top priority and at seakr, we have seen some great solutions being actioned.

Client-focused Carers

Along with two other elderly clients, seakr carer Alex had been caring for Doris for seven months. Doris suffers from dementia and relies on Alex for her personal and social needs. Prior to lockdown on 21st March 2020, Alex and Doris discussed their ideas for dealing with the crisis. Doris was very worried about Alex visiting her other clients and passing on the virus to her, especially as she had underlying health conditions.

Carer Technology to the Rescue

Alex decided to just care for Doris, but what was she to do about her other two clients that also needed her? The seakr carer app held the answer. This is the place where seakr carers ask each other work and non-work-related questions and share ideas with others like them. They also find new clients there (of course!).

Alex posted a message in the app’s community notice board, explaining the situation. She asked for help from other vetted seakr carers that might be free and able to pick up her other two clients for the time being. Philipa and Tammy duly obliged; they had both just joined the community and were looking for their first client.

Seakr was launched with this technology, as it empowers carers. We feel that they are much better placed to support each other with their ever-changing clients’ needs, as they know them so much better than we do at the seakr office. The seakr carer app offers them the freedom to choose their clients, their hours, the nature of the care they would like to deliver and to choose a fair rate of pay for the important societal work that they do.

The seakr app is central to our philosophy of providing a supportive community, which is fair to both carers and care recipients. There are even ways to save money on there too.