Respite care at home

If you provide care for your loved one, we know how difficult finding time and space for yourself can be. Regular breaks and holidays are a must for your own health and wellbeing.

So what options do you have that will ensure your loved one will be cared for properly while you’re away?

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What you need to know about respite live in care

Respite care is a type of temporary care to provide relief for the primary care giver. It’s a good solution if you only need care for a short period of time, typically for between one to four weeks.

Or perhaps following a return from hospital, you need extra support for a week or two while you get back on your feet, co-ordinating physiotherapy or nurse home visits and medication requests.

Our carers are very used to making clients feel comfortable and quickly settle into a routine with them. They often provide home care (domestic) as well as personal (intimate) care, prepare home cooked meals, and even accompany you on days out.

We work with you to find a carer who has the right personality, skills and experience to provide the best possible care.

It’s also worth asking about contingency should your carer not attend for any reason at short notice. care seakr brings our carers together as a community, rather than pitching them in competition. They’re happy to find cover for each other when needed.

Compassionate care giver listening to elderly lady
smiling live in caregiver with elderly woman in home

Why is care seakr the best option for at-home respite care?

As an introduction agency, we offer both you and your carer complete freedom to choose one another. You are also able to determine the duration of care, your budget, and the carer personality you feel would be best.

Over 1000 properly vetted, trained and trusted carers in our community across England, Scotland and Wales work together and are ready to provide respite care at home of the highest standard.

We are always here 24/7 to help with any queries you may have, for as long as our carers are there. We will ensure that a replacement carer of your choice will always be there should your carer be unable to attend due to an emergency.

We take good care of our carers so they can do the sometimes physically and emotionally challenging work they do, provide quality respite care at home, supporting your loved one with every need, practical and personal.

Estimated respite care at home costs

Our care introduction service is completely free of charge to you as a client, with no one-off or endless recurring agency or finders fees to be paid. Instead, we charge our carers a small admin fee for weekly invoicing and payment collection from you, on their behalf. 

Emergency, respite care or short term cover of two weeks or less, may incur a one-off registration fee of £96. Working with you, we’ll fully discover your needs, discuss your options, and, within minutes, come back with a shortlist of enthusiastic, available and suitable carers with the right skills and personality for your needs.

You only pay the hourly or daily rates that your carer agrees with you. As a guide to help you budget, you should plan on costs in the region of:

Day time visits (1h minimum) from £20/h

Night time visiting care (1h minimum) from £20/h

Weekly live-in respite care from £175 per 24h (3 day minimum)

Carer helping elderly woman with her groceries

"As a family we couldn’t have wished for a more caring and helpful carer who cares for our Mother like a member of her own family, the seakr team have gone above and beyond for us."

Dawn Hitchman

"Seakr care have been fantastic at finding the right carers for my grandmother. Having worked with several agencies for a few months, I would not hesitate to recommend Ian and his team for their professionalism, attention to your needs and dedication to finding the right people for you."

Ekaterina Ragozhina

"Finding the right carer for a loved one is extremely hard. The team at Seakr helped us find the perfect match for our Mum. She is a truly committed and caring individual. We could not have asked for more - thank you."

Jin Dhoot

"I joined Seakr about a month ago. Looked at a few companies doing similar things but Seakr seemed to offer a better deal & support whether you're just starting a new adventure as a self employed PA, or already one. They are helpful & communication is good. The app works well, not all have this so shows how well & thought out the company are."

David Fox

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