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Join our community of over 1000 visiting daytime, overnight and self employed live in care professionals across England, Scotland and Wales.

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care seakr is a community, not a matching agency.

We give you the freedom to choose your clients and the nature of care you provide. Whether you’re an expert companion for mobile vulnerable adults who like days out and about, a cognitive health specialist caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s, well-versed in post-operative mobility, or even a Complex Care professional with spinal injuries experience, we always have home care and self employed live-in care jobs across the UK.

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Join Our Care Community

Care seakr is a community of connected carers that find clients, cover for and peer support one another as well as saving money on the high street and online, far more than just a care introduction agency.

Take back control of your work life. We aim to make matching up care seekers and carers easy, whilst giving you the freedom to choose a job that’s right for you.

Find the ideal opportunity

Home care jobs often lack true freedom. Care freedom is about you taking control of where and when you work, who you work with, and deciding how much you feel is fair to charge for the important work you do.

We understand the pressure of balancing work and your personal life.

We aim to improve life for you and your clients, and with our fast growing community of over 1000 carers, isn’t it time you joined us too?


























Your interview

Your interview is an opportunity to tell us all about you in a relaxed and easy way. It won’t feel like a typical interview. We are warm, transparent, and straightforward. We’ll tell you what we think about a decision on the spot. We want to get to know you, your experience, your personality, and what types of clients interest you.  Ask us anything, we’re here to help.

Need e-learning training or a new DBS certificate? No problem, we will get that arranged for you.

Simply set up your profile on our app and tell us which clients you would like to meet. We’ll arrange a video call so you can get to know each other to help you decide if you’re a good match.

Choose how much you’re paid

If you choose each other, just let us know through the app how much you feel it would be fair to charge them per hour or per day.

Our price list is your price list. We will go back to your client for you to get the rate you need, including the platform fee you will pay to Care Seakr for invoicing and collecting payment for you from your client.

We deal with all the finance so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.













Start work in 5 easy steps


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Read and respond to our care story. You will get an email with your score straight away


Upload your documents


You’re ready to start! Download the Care Seakr app, create a profile and tell us which client introductions you would like

The care seakr app

At care seakr, we have an app for carers that provides full detail of relevant positions as they are posted. As you can see from this post example, we ensure carers see all the important information about individuals requiring care, so that they can make an informed decision.

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Get started now

We’re here to support you 24/7 with any help you need before, during and after care commences. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.