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Home Care Services: our mission

care seakr resulted from the experience I went through when looking for a trusted carer for my elderly aunt. Frustrated by the process of finding a private carer that would become a part of our family, I also found navigating state funded care challenging. Read my story.

We do so much more than just match you with the ideal carer.  We’re a community of independent carers passionate about raising standards in home care beyond today’s offerings.

Our community exists to match care seekers with private professional care givers that benefit both parties. Our clients’ past experiences show that the incumbent care system is broken:

It fails care seekers—because there wasn’t an easy way to find either the right state funded care quickly or compassionate private carers with the right blend of qualities and skills.

It fails care givers—the hourly rates offered by certified employers fail to provide a living wage, discouraging good talent to enter the sector.

Ian Rajan

Ian Rajan

CEO of care seakr

Why is quality home care so hard to find?

There are over 10,100 home care providers in the UK – and those are just the ones registered by the CQC.  And yet, in your moment of need, finding a carer seems near impossible.  The reasons why ‘the system’ doesn’t work comes down to this:


Low pay

The rates that care agencies typically pay their workers is simply too low to attract
more quality into the workforce.



This labour shortage results in different faces being sent to provide the care,
making it hard to build trus.

Control over your care

Lack of control

So, how can a care agency gain a family’s trust when there is an imbalance of
control over who will be sent and on terms dictated by the agency?

How our care community works

The power of our care community lies in care freedom. We enable carers to work on their own terms. They can choose their clients, care type (live in, visiting), nature of care (end of life, post operative, cognitive), and their pay rate.

Through our ‘five petal’ selection process, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your live-in carer meets your needs. We match them according to:






Five petal strategy

Live-in home care

How does it work? And what do you need to know about your care provider and your carer before you decide?

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Financing care

Financing care

While we don’t finance care, it’s one of the most common questions we’re asked.  When it comes to paying for care, what do you need to know?

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Learn how home care works and what you need to think about when hiring a live-in home carer if you’ve never done it before.

"Seakr care have been fantastic at finding the right carers for my grandmother. Having worked with several agencies for a few months, I would not hesitate to recommend Ian and his team for their professionalism, attention to your needs and dedication to finding the right people for you."

Ekaterina Ragozhina

"With my mother's dementia, it was becoming more difficult for my elderly father to care for her 24/7,so checking on numerous websites, seakr carer provided impeccable care for my mother, even providing care at short notice, the understanding the carer's had regarding my mother's dementia, put our minds at rest you only want what is best for your parents. I would certainly give more stars, to seakr carer, thank you all."

Susan Davies

"Finding the right carer for a loved one is extremely hard. The team at Seakr helped us find the perfect match for our Mum. She is a truly committed and caring individual. We could not have asked for more - thank you."

Jin Dhoot

Why care seakr?

We’re experts in finding care for those seeking live-in, infirm, elderly, respite, and end of life care.

Care freedom means we attract
quality carers into our community

We provide consistent care. Familiar faces help build trust between carer and care receiver

You’re in charge of choosing the right caregiver to suit your requirements

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