Having that Difficult Conversation about Care Provision

We understand that it is not easy to have a discussion about care services. The person in need of care may not realise that they are not coping alone. They may not understand why family and friends can not just pop in.

Accepting help can be difficult for many of us. It means admitting that we cannot do it ourselves. If we are independent by nature or have spent years caring for others, it can be especially hard to accept a change of circumstance.

Our Top Tips

  • Chose an occasion when you have time and everyone is in a calm mood to raise the conversation
  • Be honest, yet ensure that the conversation is compassionate
  • Ask about the concerns that the care recipient might have, listen and accept that these are genuine issues
  • Consider ways to address these concerns
  • Where possible, involve the care recipient; give them options and allow them to have a degree of choice

[idea]seakr focuses on providing all parties with greater freedom over their care decisions. As such, we advocate the importance of forward-planning when it comes to care services.[/idea]