In Home Care: Finding the right provider

Under pressure and need some care options? Let us help you to find the best in home care solution for you and your loved one. You may have been offered short term care by your local Council or Hospital Discharge Team following an accident. Or perhaps finally the time has come for some help and companionship in your own home.

We understand that it may feel daunting to have a well meaning “stranger” in your home. Some see it as a loss of independence whilst others might feel it is a better alternative to a Care Home.

How to choose a carer

If you need carer help at home, then look for flexibility, consistency and transparency in your care provider, it will make the process of choosing the right one a little easier.

Whether you choose a local Care Agency that employs their staff and decides on whom will be providing the care or an Introductory Care Company that can offer you a self employed independent carer, ask them how they might adapt to provide the care you need as your needs change from visiting care, to overnight and possibly 24/7 live in care. Often, their ability to be flexible will be limited to the size of their carer team.

As your needs change, and their carers move on, a consistent approach to your care will be important as you build a relationship with your carers. An Introductory Care Company might allow you to choose your own carer, providing you with optimal consistency. Ask about carer holidays and whose responsibility it will be to find cover. Care Agencies will often try to cover carer absence at the cost of consistency whilst Introductory Care Companies all take a different approach so it is well worth checking before choosing your care provider.

Finally, insist on transparent pricing and clearly state your budget early on in the process to avoid wasting time. Care Agencies vary significantly in their hourly or daily care costs. Some charge double on Bank Holidays and higher rates for evenings and weekends whilst some Introductory Care Companies do not and allow you to fix the costs in advance. Some may charge a finder’s fee in advance over and above the actual cost of care and others may not.

Why choose care seakr

care seakr is an Introductory Care Company with a community of over 1000 independent and hand picked care professionals providing 24/7 live in and visiting daytime and overnight care across England, Scotland and Wales. They like to work with us because we give them Care Freedom. They choose their clients, the nature of the in home care service they like to provide, their holidays and their rate. We reject over 80% of all the carers that apply to join us each year.

Having understood your care needs in detail, our client care team will quickly provide you with a hand picked shortlist of seakr carers that match your personality, skill mix and experience. Costs are fixed from the outset and there are no finder’s fees to pay. Our care professionals work together so holidays and any absence is always covered.

Contact us today for an honest appraisal of your in home care service options.

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